What the Advanced Driving Test comprises

The Advanced Driving Test lasts for up to 90 minutes and will usually cover driving on all types of road (town driving, motorways - if available - and dual carriageways, and country lanes).

Your Examiner will hold a Police Advanced Driving certificate (either serving or ex Police Class 1) and will have extensive experience from working within the Traffic sections of the Police Force.

All of the criteria that are assessed throughout the test will have been covered during your observed drives though two of them are not compulsary (NC):

Cockpit Drill (NC)Moving Brake TestHazard Procedure
Clutch & GearsPositioning / CorneringBraking
Car SympathyOvertakingManoeuvring / Reversing
Acceleration SenseUse of SpeedSteering
Restraint / ConsiderationSignals / Lights / HornMirrors
Motorway / Dual CarriagewayCommentary (NC)Highway Code

The Associate has to perform well in all situations rather than excel in one.

Many people comment on the Test after taking it and often mention how much they enjoyed the drive. During the Test, the candidate gets to exhibit the new skills that he/she has been tuning for the weeks during their course. The Advanced Driving Test IS NOT EASY but is within the reach of most motorists with the right guidance.

Please also see more information from the IAM's own website.